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Our mission is to promote generosity toward under-valued service industry workers.

Our virtual tipping platform promotes and facilitates tipping between hotel guests and their room attendants. Studies tell us that 70% of the time, a hotel guest does not leave a tip because they either do not have cash or are unaware of gratuity practices in the hotel industry. Knowing that the hotel room attendant on average makes less than $23K per year, Tip$ believes we can increase the room attendant’s income if we provide a virtual tipping platform for the hotel guest to leave a gratuity.

Tip$ is a Social Enterprise based in Hartford, CT and a member of reSET Social Enterprise Trust since October 2019. As a social enterprise, we measure and disclose how our platform increases the income of service industry workers such as room attendants.

Tip$ was selected to participate in the reSET 2020 Accelerator Program and the winner of Flight Night November 2019: Audience Choice Awards, sponsored by Murtha Cullina LLP & reSET.

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Founded by Andrew Slaiby, a Connecticut Native with degrees in Political Science UCONN ‘06 and M.B.A. University of Hartford ‘16, whose passion for helping others and experience in the corporate travel industry led to this societal innovation.

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